Log Stand Spike Saw Horse Multi Wood Holder Chainsaw Cutting Sawhorse

The safest and most efficient way to cut firewood. The Firewood cutting holder is designed to hold branches of wood from sticks of 5 cm diameter to logs of 30cm, up to 2m long. The holder can be operated in the field where the wood is collected or at the wood pile. It's light weight, which makes it easy to transport on a truck, Ute or trailer.

The Price - £ 35 + shipping £ 22


Blocks of any required length are cut many at a time with a chainsaw by starting at either end and working back towards the stand. ( 25cm, 33cm, 50cm )
With both sides reduced to blocks, the last cut is down between the support bars. The hold-down bars are removed and the wood is allowed to fall down, or the last two stacks can be removed before it falls to the ground. The holder is ready to be loaded again.


Technical parameters:
spread: 10cm x 100cm x50cm
folded: 100 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm
load capacity: 300 kg
Weight: 9 kg

Materials: steel profile 20 x 20 mm