Drill Grape Crusher Drill Crushing Machine Brewing Equipment

Drill Grape Crusher


is a simple, inexpensive, portable mill on the fruit. Powered mill is designed hand operated power drill ( not included ) clamped into the socket with a hole (D - ca 43 mm, the shaft with a knife on the grinding for clamping in chucks drills is D - 10 mm. 

Drill Crushing 

It is sufficient to hand a power drill with the input of 550Watts. Higher performance drilling advantage. Grated the fruit by hand electric drills is intended for a smaller amount of fruit. ( approximately 50 kg per one grinding ).

Once ground the apples to fine pieces. ( softness of the grated fruit depends on the variety or hardness of fruit ) 

The price - £ 89 + shipping £ 22 

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Technical parameters:

diameter of fruit height: 100 mm
weight machine: 4 kg
dimension of the machine: w500×l500×h270mm